Study with a Master Piano Teacher in Connecticut


While Paul has played concerts around the country and around the world, he is also a successful “down to earth” piano teacher with a current roster of students from age 6 to 85. He has students who take lessons for their own pleasure, as well as students who wish to prepare for a career in music. The course of study varies with each student. There is no holding to a rigid method, but rather a belief in a very individual and practical approach to piano lessons. Some students wish to pursue a classical training, while others wish to play popular tunes and the latest song hits. Some students want a combination of both. Paul enjoys performing, demonstrating and teaching all this music and has been giving piano lessons from the time he was a teenager himself! Many students actually come to Paul for lessons after being discouraged with other teachers. They find an easier, more creative way to play the piano and their interest in the piano is rekindled.  With a deeply held conviction that music is for all, Paul also specializes in teaching beginners of all ages.  As a graduate at the top of his class from the University of Hartford’s Hartt School, with a double emphasis on piano performance and music education, he loves to bring the excitement and thrill he feels about the piano to everyone.

At this time Paul is teaching Zoom lessons to students all over, as well as private lessons from his home studio in Provincetown on Cape Cod.